Bi-Folding Fittings

Even simple doors and windows can be transformed into high-quality bi-folding sliding elements, thanks to Qualital bi-folding fittings. Qualital Bi-folding hardware (fold as a book and slide) allows you to open a door element to its total width, making your room very flexible and useful for any party or formal function - not only in your home or office, but also for public places such as restaurants, bars etc.

Normally used in conjunction with our tilt and turn components and supported rollers, Qualital bi0-folding fittings provide outstanding running smoothness - so the complete door can be opened easily and conveniently with just one hand. An optional tilt and turn sash at the end of the assembly enables you to ventilate your room for your convenience without having to fully open the door.

We offer up to 11 different opening schemes which can include the joining of 3 to 7 sashes in total, with each sash weighing 80 kg. The weight of the door elements is held up by a running rail at the bottom or top of the door. This means that the door elements are safe and function is guaranteed at all times regardless of stability of its universal structure.

A modern and stylish appearance is achieved with the flat guide rail at the top and with profiles covering the carriages at the bottom. The hinges can be easily adjusted by +/- 3mm using an Allen key. The handle and hinge covers are available in various designs and colours and conform to all requirements for any architectural ideas.

Features & Benefits

High security and functional fittings

  • Suitable for all types of profile systems made from timber, aluminium, PVC, aluminium-timber and timber-aluminium.
  • Intelligent security
  • Special rolling wheel system
  • Simple and easy to fold and slide by hand without using force
  • Thermo insulated frames

Long life, beautiful security design and style

  • Corrosion and scratching protection and new generation of burglar-proof fittings
  • Low maintenance
  • Noise protection
  • Different colours and configurations for handles
  • Different Solutions for Fold and Slide models
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