Qualital - European Doors & Windows in Australia

Italian Sophistication at an Affordable Price

At last. European quality and design in timber and aluminium doors and double glazed windows that combine security, good looks and energy efficiency!

  1. The Qualital brand is famous for offering the best in Italian design and style when it comes to doors and windows.
  2. For the first time the European sophistication of Qualital is available in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
  3. Whether you're a home owner, builder, retailer or wholesaler, the style and expertise of Italian design is now within easy reach!

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Doors and windows are a major part of any quality interior design. They're the first thing that visitors notice when they see your property.

You don't compromise on quality and finish when you're designing the interior of a home. So why settle for second best when you're purchasing doors and windows?

Too often, multimillion-dollar houses are finished with poorly made, energy inefficient windows and doors. And home owners on a budget wrongly believe they're better off skimping on windows and doors.

Combining Quality, Style & Technology

We believe quality and style should be achievable whatever your budget. Affordable, quality products should be the rule, not the exception!

Qualital is a global leader in:

  • Energy efficiency: Our stunning doors and windows feature double glazing and 'thermal break' technology, protecting you from the elements and offering energy savings of up to 40 per cent!
  • Security: Keeping properties safe is an integral part of what we do. All our products are designed with only the best security fittings - delivering huge savings on your home insurance bill.
  • Innovative technology: Our windows feature cutting-edge water resistance and outstanding noise reduction.
  • Stylish design: All our doors and windows feature the styling and attention to detail you'd expect from Italian makers. And needless to say, we're happy to customise them to your preferred design.
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