Solid Timber Doors

Qualital has a selection of over 30 models of solid timber doors organized in different series of entrance and internal doors. Our product is equipped with a modular reversible frame system to allow for maximum flexibility for any construction project and is available in various configurations.

Qualital is committed to providing the most suitable components for all internal doors. We use engineered composite timber in our solid timber door construction because of the additional structural integrity that it adds to the product. The edges of the doors are sophisticatedly highlighted with the use of our thinnest timber panels to refine the high quality detail expected by our customer.

We use environmentally friendly materials in the construction of our engineered solid timber doors. This timber can be cut, shaped, polished, sanded, painted, stained or varnished as easily as natural solid wood.

Engineered timber components provide superior stability and are structurally reliable, and maintain the warmth and visual appeal of natural solid wood. Our wood is perfectly dried and picked out for suitable climate conditions making it a perfect choice for any home or office.

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