Shutter Fittings

If you don't like the look for internal blinds around your household area because you find them unattractive, you may consider external shutters. They are modern and highly recognised as a means of protection from the sun, storms and wind - as well being highly aesthetically pleasing to look at.

If you wish to add a touch of charm to your English style home or if you are concerned with the practical and functional aspects - you should definitely take a look at our wide range of shutter fittings.

External shutters also provide silence and increase security. Made by MACO Austria, these fittings are finished in various styles and multiple colours - assured to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Qualital's high quality and easy to install shutter fittings are excellently suited for all types of external shutters like louvres, board and panelled shutters made of timber, PVC, aluminium or composite. The pre-assembled system makes installation easier and speeds up construction by avoiding errors.

The MACO security fittings are characterised by a number of features which sets them apart from their competitors:

  1. The unique RUSTICO premium coating. This coating features a triple surface protection for high resistance to water and dirt, keeps dust and other particles off, and its quality exceeds the required international standards.
  2. The unique construction. It is possible to fix the shutters to aluminium mounting frames by special brackets and after easily hook the sash to a window frame for quick instalment.
  3. The shutter fittings feature comfortable maintenance elements, such as universal wall latches of various uses and mechanisms for opening the shutters from the inside.

Why Shutter Fittings?

High security and functional fittings

  • Protection with particular ambience
  • Confidence and security
  • All hinges have side adjustment
  • Unique RUSTICO-premium anticorrosion surface
  • Water and dirt repellent - dust doesn't stick
  • Aluminium Assembly Frames
  • Own hook and bracket solutions
  • Easy to adjust
  • All working parts are easy to reach and smooth running

Long life, beautiful security design and style

  • Simple assembly in the workshop
  • Simple fixing onto window frames
  • Secure fitting solutions for all shutter designs
  • Steel hooks
  • Stable brackets
  • Narrow brackets for tight spaces
  • Comfortable to Use
  • Internal shutter opener - shutters can be used when windows are closed
  • Shutter locks for single or multi-sash shutters
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