Aluminium Windows, Doors and Shutters

For most people, powder-coated aluminium is the best choice, because in today's busy lifestyle, home maintenance is readily avoided due to a growing need for technology that is self-sustainable and easy to use.

New Qualital aluminium windows have perfect thermal resistance and are fully adjustable thanks to the revolutionary "thermally broken" aluminium windows system from MACO hardware. This system, certified according to the highest International and Australian standards, is now available for manufacturers in Australia and Asia.

Qualital's aluminium window frames are strong, light and don't corrode or rust - thanks to our exclusive 'QUALICOAT' aluminium powder coater.

What are the benefits of Qualital Aluminium windows for me as a consumer?

  1. They reduce heating costs enormously. In just up to five years, the reductions in heating and cooling expenses for your home will save you the same amount of money you originally spent on the windows. If you have double glazed aluminium windows with thermally broken frames, you don't need to control heat loss or heat gain and spend extra money to put in blinds or curtains to cover windows. These savings alone could balance the total cost of your windows.
  2. If you live in close proximity to busy suburban streets, schools, sporting facilities, loud highways - then Qualital Aluminium windows are perfect for you. Our windows are fitted with the best sound insulating technology - which keeps your home clear of noise and external disruption.
  3. If you are concerned with the keeping your windows glossy and glimmering, Qualital aluminium windows are something you should absolutely consider.

Features & Benefits

Innovation and advantages compared with traditional aluminium windows

  1. Profile design for Euro groove channel with fully 3d adjustable hardware
  2. Significant cost saving for hardware prices with reducing stock of fittings
  3. Important increase doors and window sizes
  4. Dramatically reduce time of assembly by using crimping assembly
  5. Universal profile design for different region

Description of the new Aluminium windows system

  1. Euro groove 12 mm (PVC channel) is suitable for MACO Hardware which will reduce cost of fittings for aluminium system twice and will increase flexibility and durability of aluminium windows ( fabricator can make windows and doors significant bigger sizes and weights).
  2. Thickness of aluminium alloy is enough to use this system for different regions around the world only to change thermal brake for different temperature.
  3. Double (triple) glazed units can be used from 20mm and up.
  4. Profile connected by crimping machines (suitable in hurricane areas) - not as traditional standard mechanically joined assembly.
  5. All types of opening: internal and external. Extrusion sets made for all available types of openings (excluding double hung): tilt and turn, tilt and slide, casement, bi-folding, parallel – traditional sliding, casement, awning, hopper, French doors and windows (double opening) and more.
  6. System designed especially for automatic lines to cut the labour costs and increase volume of production.
  7. Acoustic performance of the system and water proofing are solved by using modern rubber seals (universal gaskets) with normal conditions of their durability more than 7-8 years.


  1. Choose from an unlimited range of colours, including 'timber look' colours.
  2. Fully sealed against water and include our exclusive draining system.
  3. Wind and noise resistance are also standard for all our products.
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