Sun Blades Special System

Sun blades is a screening system which can be applied to new or already existing buildings which have a curtain wall with mullions and transoms, cover in view or structural, glass only, or to buildings with a traditional brickwork facade.

The main purpose of the project is to reach an optimal solution which guarantees a comfortable microclimate inside the building.

This can be obtained by optimizing the exploitation of solar energy in order to reduce energy consumption and at the same time satisfy the requirement of daylight as well as visual contact with the external environment.

The sunshade blades, installed in a proper way, can hold back about 80% of the heat coming from solar rays, enabbling air-conditioning system consumption to be reduced by up to 30%.

The fixed and adjustable Sun blades have been designed to guarantee the best conditions in all surroundings: they let the desired light filter and help to regulate pleasantly the temperature inside the building, at any time of the day.

The System can satisfy most different fitting and screening requirements, thanks to a great variety of profiles and accessories.

The modularity of the system enables continuous updating, without being completely upset (for example with the design of new blades or new fixing brackets).

The blades the Sun blades Metra system are made of extruded aluminium, with a wide range of aesthetic lines and a remarkable freedom in the design and in the colours.

Features & Benefits

The range of the sunshade blades includes:

  • Elliptic shape blades of 100 mm, 150 mm, 225 mm, 300 mm and 450 mm;
  • Blades with the elegance of a thin line with a simple profile of 300 mm, slightly curved;
  • Solutions enabling the application of a sheet or micro-holed profiles;
  • Solutions enabling the application of glazing. A new dimension of the solar protection as it doesn't prevent visibility and offers free contact with the external environment, integrating all the advantages of sun-controlled glazing, enriched by the possibility to incorporate photovoltaic cells with great help in energy saving.

The whole structure has been tested to bear wind loads up to 160 km/h.
The blades are oriented by different types of control: manual control, mechanical or electric remote control, electronic device (domotics).

Want To Know More About the Sun Blades System?

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