Fire Rated Doors

All buildings such as schools, hospitals and private homes should have the appropriate fire protection in place. Fire doors in these buildings must serve to keep occupants safe and minimise fire damage. A fire door has a fire-resistance rating and is a part of the passive fire protection system in your home or apartment.

Choosing from a selection of over 22 models, whether you need a single door only or a double swing doors, Qualital fire rated doors will be made as modular system with a reversible frame to help adapt them to any situation.

Most of our models are available in different configurations - doors can be produced in a range of materials to suit your purposes, and you can choose from a range of finishes to suit your design. Depending on the purpose of your door and where in your building it is located, you can have the door open manually or automatically.

Most of fire rated doors must close and latch on their own (self-latching), or they must close automatically in the event of a fire - in order to comply with Australian Standards.


Standard sizes:     2100(max) x 800(max) x 44 for single door
Optional sizes: 2800(max) x 1200(max) x 44 for single door

Standard door package contains

  1. door
  2. door frame
  3. architraves
  4. hinges and lock
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