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Qualital Factory in San Marino
Qualital Office in Melbourne

Founded in 1991 in Italy, Qualital is now recognised as one of the market leaders in design and technical innovation for composite doors and windows - where the Qualital product is highly respected for its quality, performance and novelty.

Since 2001 Qualital has successfully supplied a full range of refined products to the Australian and Asian market - including premium MACO (Austria) security window and door fittings and HOPPE (Switzerland) architectural door and window handles.

Business relationship with our partners is based on centralized, scalable management that is built on industry-leading technology, openness and entrepreneurship. Energy, self-confidence, an ability to get along with people, honesty and flexibility - these are the hallmarks that make QUALITAL successful in this vastly developing market.

Our Corporate Vision

Our policy is to plan and build for the future. Qualital's experienced staff are professionally trained to ensure lasting business success with our dealers. We are committed to reliability and integrity at every level of our company. Every contract, every task and every customer is important and treaded equally. Qualital has the capacity to handle our customers' needs no matter how large or small.

"Door to European Quality" is the company's main motto. Like in Europe, we aspire to provide the highest level quality of customer support for our business partners - founded on mutual respect and reverence. Qualital's philosophy is to provide the best service possible for our customers and to operate the business on a fair and ethical basis.

The unique combination of design and technology has created an ingenious solution where customers can have doors and windows that look perfect and at the same time, require minimal maintenance.

Qualital has already become a respected name in the building industry in Europe and we strive to maintain and build upon that reputation in the future in Australia.

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