Tilt and Slide Patio Fittings for Windows And Doors

Qualital tilt and slide fittings made by MACO Austria are the most ground-breaking sliding door hardware available on the market today. The patio fittings are an intelligent multipoint locking system, tilt functionality and are designed to make a perfect adjustment just like other standard tilt and turn fittings.

It is very simply to operate the door: when the handle on the active sash is turned, the door sash tilts inward at the top. Further rotation of the handles upwards, the bottom of the patio door slides inward, allowing it to be pushed over the fixed window next to it (right or left - depending of the opening).

MACO tilt and slide fittings can be used for timber, PVC, aluminium and composite aluminium-timber windows configurations. Specifications include:

  • Hardware available for standard doors with sash weights up to 160 kg , sash widths up to 1650 mm and sash heights up to 2350 mm.
  • Positive control system will allow you to make a bigger opening with sash weights up to 200 kg , sash widths up to 2000 mm and sash heights up to 2700 mm.

The multipoint locking mechanism (all around the active sash) provides best possible operating comfort and safe functionality for security elements of large and heavy sashes. The strong and stable design of the hardware ensures its faultless running over many years regardless of the heavy sash weights. The sliding sashes move easily and precisely to any chosen position thanks to the pioneering design of the rollers. The ergonomic tilt and slide handle allows one hand opening operation as well.

We offer 3 different Solutions for tilt and Slide models:

  1. SKB-S standard model with four corners security technology
  2. SKB-SE self-latching, clicks shut independently when closed
  3. SKB-Z with handle operated control

Features and Benefits

High security and functional fittings

  • Intelligent security-self adjusting fittings to the air gap
  • Simple and easy to lift and slide by hand without using force
  • No additional components
  • Safety against accidental closure
  • Safety against inaccurate operation when tilting
  • Secure tilt position
  • Healthy and correct room ventilation
  • Easy to adjust

Long life, beautiful design and style

  • Corrosion and scratching protection and new generation of burglar-proof fittings
  • Revolutionary anticorrosion TROCOAT components
  • Single and double opening combination with and without mullion
  • Low maintenance and noise protection
  • Different colours for handles and rail covers
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