Ventilated Curtain Wall Systems

The Ventilation Curtain Wall System is the ideal product for making "ventilated curtain walls" covered by preformed aluminium panels.

Without affecting the high quality features, the system enables buyers to save on material and fabrication costs and to obtain remarkably short laying times.

The system, complete with aluminium profiles and aluminium and stainless steel "original" accessories, allows to make "ventilated curtain walls" covered, totally or just partially, by aluminium panels. It can be employed successfully not just in new buildings, but also in restyling.

Technical Description

The carrying structure is made up of extruded aluminium profiles, alloy 6060 (EN573 - 3 and EN755-2) in the thermal treatment EN515, having as a base a unique vertical profile right at the axis to the joining point of the panels.

The vertical profile is duly shaped in order to house, without milling (thus not affecting the anodizing or painting surface protection), the following "original" accessories of the system:

  • wall brackets in extruded aluminium (± 30 mm adjustment according to the bracket used);
  • support springs (in 301 stainless steel), enabling the horizontal and vertical adjustment of the aluminium panel;
  • they are self-locking and complete with anti-vibration gaskets;
  • wall support springs of the thermo insulating panels in hardened and tempered steel.

The structure can be adjusted and oppose wind all the while allowing the thermal expansion of the different components.
The standard depth of the aluminium structure varies from 30 mm. to 195 mm, not including the thickness of the covering aluminium panel.

The "ventilated curtain walls" are made up of a matt wall, whose outer covering is composed by preformed aluminium panels, "dry" laid by means of mechanical suspension and fastening devices.

The carrying structure is therefore hidden and separated from the wall front behind (where there is usually a thermo insulating panel) for perfect air circulation.

Hence, this wall helps to naturally protect the building against the combined actions of rain and wind: the so-called driving rain.

Indeed the covering fastening, as well as the ventilated interspaces behind it, assure against water sprays, lashes and streaming on the facade; the thermal insulation and the inner counter wall thus remain dry.

All this brings along benefits in terms of durability and energetic efficiency of the wall during heating periods. On the other hand during hot seasons there is a considerable reduction (thanks to the air space ventilation and the partial reflection of the solar rays on the coating) in the thermal load on the building due to the sun.

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