Door Hinge Covers

With multiple styles, colours and types to choose from, Qualital provide a budget alternative to replacing your old caps to a new door hinge cover. With an extensive hinge covers line the possible choices are numerous and can be made on a form, finishing and different material base completely finalized your doors style.

Qualital proposes a complete range of door Hinge Covers in:

  • PVC
    PVC covers are an ideal and practical solution for the esthetical hinge covering.
  • Brass
    Brass caps fit perfectly with every kind of handles.
  • Aluminium
    Aluminium door hinge covers with their advanced design fit also the handles with the most refined style.


  1. Modern and classic design
  2. Polished and matt finish
  3. Different size and diameter
  4. Different shape and configuration
Want To Find Out More?

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