Tilt and Turn Fittings for Inward Opening Windows

Tilt and turn fittings are engineered specifically to enable you to open windows inward. Our technology delivers not only one-hand turning, but also the one-hand tilting, which provides supreme comfort and superior security for your home or office.

Qualital high-quality tilt and turn fittings made by MACO Austria is suitable for a wide range of different window shapes and comes in your choice of materials such as timber, PVC, aluminium and composite aluminium-timber with euro groove.

All mechanisms are perfected and offer an almost unlimited combination of opening choices, while at the same time, are delivered to you with minimum components for fast assembly.

Even the basic security MACO fittings have the highest level of security and possess convenient features that can be optimised with just a few easy-to-use items.

Why are tilt and turn fittings getting more popular?

Special windows can be made to the same quality and functionality as standard windows thanks to the sash lifter as a problem-solving component for windows - be they half round, angled, turn first or tilt first opening

Any window styles and sizes can be produced using the standard window hinges thanks to the visible components remain the same as with standard windows

Innovative invisible tilt and turn fittings has been designed to conceal hardware for an attractive aesthetic appearance with fully adjustable function.

Components Features and Benefits

High security and functional

  • Intelligent security-self adjusting fittings to the air gap
  • Simple and easy to use and easy to adjust if necessary
  • Safety against accidental closure and when tilting
  • Secure tilt position for healthy and correct room ventilation
  • Additional ventilation position for Night time

Innovative Trend drive gear

  • Greater tolerance when positioning the striker plates
  • Espagnolette and inversion drive gear have threaded holes for handle fastening
  • Prevents the sash from dropping
  • Lifts the sash into correct position with minimal effort
  • No adjustment or maintenance are required for the sash-lift device before 15000 operations
  • Avoid abrupt sash swing when in tilt open position
  • Greater stability of the hinge corner thanks to the additional screw on the rebate side

Stay support

  • High stability due to inclined screw fastening
  • Braked hinges as standard avoid involuntary windows movement
  • Lateral and pressure adjustment
  • Can be used on both sides

Corner hinges

  • Three dimensional adjustments with a hexagonal socket spanner
  • No screw on the side of the rebate
  • No need to cut the seals
  • Lower part flush with the rebate
  • Cover cap finishes for the top and bottom hinges can match the colour of handles
  • Capacity load up 130 kg

Espagnolette with level control

  • The ideal solution for double sash French windows and doors
  • Both the top and bottom end parts can be opened at the same time
  • Striker plates can be used in combination with controlled Espagnolette or with shoot bolts
  • Pressure adjustable striker plates

The new anti-burglar generation

  • Auto regulation mushroom bolt-automatic air gap adjustment
  • Easy pressure adjustment
  • Can be combined with standard and/or safety striker plates

Secure tilt position by horizontal tilt lock bolt

  • Additional security points on the bottom of the window as standard
  • Anti-lift in the tilt position
  • No special striker plates required
  • Security can be upgraded with additional mushroom strikers

Additional ventilation position (Night Vent)

  • Easy to use with a simple operation
  • 10 to 13 mm Night vent opening set at 45° between the two open positions
  • Built into the scissor stay, no additional components are required
  • Additional security built into the fixed tilt position
  • Self-closing scissor stays (21mm) ensure a smooth operation

Long life, beautiful security design and style

  • Corrosion and scratching protection and a new generation of burglar-proof fittings
  • Revolutionary TRICOAT components
  • Small is beautiful - fittings that can hardly be seen
  • Partially and fully concealed top and bottom hinges
  • Rebated drive gear for windows without a fixed mullion

Simplification of the manufacturing process

  • One supplier for all window systems
  • Universal sizes
  • Suitable for manual (non-industrial) assembly
  • Excellent for automatic assembly lines
  • "Click-Fix" Euro groove clips
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