Tools for Hinges

Qualital supply a huge range of HAND TOOLS to suit all applications from OTLAV hinges catalogues.

Tool selection includes:

  1. Several Flush tool kits with accessories for rebated and non-rebated doors and windows suitable for all type of hinges
  2. Wall mounting jig
  3. Accessories - drill-bit, screwier, registering pin etc....
  4. Universal rod - special jig and assembly system for all OTLAV hinges

Why Universal Rod?

Unlike the normal drilling systems of hinges, with the UNIVERSAL rod it is not necessary to position the door on the frame, since this is designed to fit two or more special drill jigs. That permits a separate drilling of door and frame for the subsequent hinge fitting. The special symmetrical shape of the drill jigs and the reversible stop ensure that the same rod can be used both for doors and for frames, whether right or left.

Moreover, the millimetre-rod permits to place drill jigs and stop without having to recur to continuous measurements. Finally, the use of shims permits to adapt the drill jigs in case it turns out to be necessary to increase or decrease the drilling distances if compared to the door or the frame. If suitably equipped, the UNIVERSAL rod permits to fit the male parts on frames taking as reference the female ones which are already fitted on the door, for instance with automatic machines.

In comparison with normal rods, the UNIVERSAL rod is extremely time saving as the door no longer has to be positioned on the frame. Moreover, this makes it possible to set up two distinct production lines of fastenings, which are one production line of doors and one production line of frames. The drill jigs of the UNIVERSAL rod can also be customized according to the type of profile, to the type of hinge which has to be fitted, to the position and angle of the pins if compared to the door or the frame

L standard box contains 2 individual jigs for making holes in the frames and the doors, a drill bit for hard - normal woods, the bit for the electrical drill for fitting to the door-frame and a handy hexagonal "T" wrench for the final adjusting. To be able to make holes quicker in the door-frames a special range of rods has been designed which makes it possible to make extremely accurate holes along the entire door-frame. Optional drill bits are available for soft woods.

1/2. A modular construction permits to use the same jigs, by replacing only the block, to fit different kinds of Otlav hinges.

3. A versatile and extremely easy work tool.

4. Provided with a millimetre rod for correctly positioning the jigs on the frames and on the doors.

5. Reversible stop. Duly adjusted, it permits to position the rod always with a micrometric precision, in different times both on the frames and on the doors.

6. The UNIVERSAL rod has been designed to drill and then to quickly fit the hinges on different doors and frames production lines.

7. The first easy action for drilling the frame is the correct reversible stop positioning on the frame reference.

8. Successively proceed by drilling the frame.

9. As for the door the process is the same, the correct reversible stop positioning on the door reference, is the first operation to be done while drilling.

10/11. It is then easy to proceed by fitting both the male and the female parts.

Want To Find Out More?

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