Lift & Slide Fittings

Qualital lift and slide fittings made by MACO Austria are the most advanced sliding door hardware for large sliding doors. You can build an opening with one, two or three sliding sashes on one side up to 18 meters long in total.

The door can be operated with very little effort, and when the handle is turned - the rollers are gently positioned, which lifts the sliding panel. Once lifted, the panel can be rolled sideways with minimal ease to create stunning openings. An incredible, easily-operated lift and slide door will invite you outside of your home and dramatically open your living space.

Our doors can be attuned to the lowest MACO threshold, which is made from the latest thermally broken aluminium or fibre-thermic technology.

The professionally made drive gear and rollers allows the lift and slide door to be operated with just one finger. You can even add an electronic opening device which allows the user to control the door easily with a simple pressing of a button or remote control.

Why Lift and Slide Fittings?

  1. Lift and slide fittings are suitable for all types of profile systems made from timber, aluminium, PVC, aluminium-timber and timber-aluminium.
  2. Comes in a range of weight and sash size:
    • Sash width from 670 mm and up to 3000 mm, sash high from 730 mm and up to 3000 mm and sash weight from 150kg and up to 400 kg.
    • Suitable for any door up to 68 mm thick
  3. Safe Access for wheel chairs - means perfect solution for aged care or wheel chair users.

Features and Benefits

High security and functional fittings

  • Intelligent security
  • Special rolling wheel system
  • Simple and easy to lift and slide by hand without using force
  • No adjustment required
  • Thermo insulated frames

Long life, beautiful design and style

  • Corrosion and scratching protection and new generation of burglar-proof fittings
  • Revolutionary anticorrosion TROCOAT components
  • Low maintenance
  • Noise protection
  • Different colours and configurations for handles
  • Different Solutions for Lift and Slide models
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