Laminated and Melamine Internal Doors

When it comes to internal doors, an important aspect for any commercial or residential project is to select suitable material. This is why Qualital can offer several internal doors solutions for any construction project - made of different materials, depending on installation site and conditions.

Laminate and melamine both have low-maintenance surfaces, excellent resistance to the environment and brilliant acoustic seals. The uniformity of these doors, along with all material supplied alongside them (such as frame and architrave) - allows for the expression of the finest details in the finale result - with perfectly finished colours and grain. This is something especially important when choosing internal doors for a hallway, banquet hall or even an whole building.

Thanks to their high material quality and precise manufacturing, laminated and melamine doors' construction components are especially strong and functionally safe. Therefore, they are used wherever durable door sets are required: in single family homes and apartment buildings, as well as in industry, retail and commercial enterprises and public buildings, schools and hospitals.

Qualital offers different grades of laminates including Continuous Pressure Laminate (CPL), High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and PVC finishing to suit different doors applications. The lamination process of each door varies. The main manufacturing process is done by fusing multiple layers of integrated paper under high pressure and temperature to produce a hard wearing, long-lasting and hygienic surfacing material.

In all its types, laminate forms a highly versatile and durable solution. Qualital's wide variety of laminate decors, colours, wood designs and finishes make up an sufficient choice to a suit each client's needs.

Finish & Configuration

All doors are completely finished in Italy and can be supplied in 4 different types of laminate or melamine as a standard:

Laminated Doors Colours - Ciliegio

Laminated Doors Colours - Noce

Laminated Doors Colours - Tanganica

Laminated Doors Colours - Bianco


Doors also can be finished in different types of melamine and are available in various configurations:

  1. Folding (double symmetric and/or double asymmetric)
  2. Sliding (single and/or double)
  3. Parallel Sliding (single and/or double)
  4. Bi-folding doors: (2 sashes)

No further finishing work on our melamine or laminated doors is required.

Door Size

Folding and Sliding Doors

H 2000(2100) x W 600(700/800/900/1000/1100/1200) x 44 for single door

H 2000(2100) x W 1200(1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2400) x 44 for double door (40 mm is thickness for sliding door)

92/ 107/127-frame width for folding doors

90/100/105/125/145-frame width for sliding doors

Parallel Sliding Door

H 2000(2100) x W 1200(1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2400) x 40 for double

H 2000(2100) x W 2400(2800/3200/3600/4000/4400/4800) x 40 for four

170 -frame width for parallel sliding doors

Parallel sliding to the different side's door

H 2000(2100) x W 1200(1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2400) x 40 for double

170 - frame width for parallel sliding doors

Bi-folding door

H 2000(2100) x W 600(700/800/900) x 44

92/ 107/127-frame width for bi-folding doors

Standard package

Door package contains:

  1. melamine door
  2. door frame
  3. architraves
  4. hinges and lock
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