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Qualital Corporation

Qualital Corp. combines state-of-the-art technology in windows system with the best window manufacturing practices. It designs exclusive frames, combining the strength of aluminium with elegance of timber.

To be competitive on the world market with different climatic conditions and different building techniques, Qualital Corp. has created its own new Research & Development centre.




As one of the world's leading manufacturers of window and door fitting MACO has always been at the forefront of research, development and manufacturing hardware to the highest technical specifications, whilst providing a straight forward and logical method of assembly.

Property and home owners may rest assured that the investment in windows fabricated using MACO hardware, will give them a long and trouble-free life. As a premium hardware manufacturer and supplier of door and window fittings, MACO supports all Qualital's manufacturers of windows and doors as a manufacturer of technologically sophisticated security elements.




For everyone who wants to change their surroundings, HOPPE - Europe's leading architectural brand of door and window handles, can fit in with any personal living and furniture style.

Every original HOPPE product offers high quality at a competitive price. HOPPE products are the professionals' first choice; there is something for everyone in this extensive product range. HOPPE not only offers a choice of imaginatively designed handles for doors and windows, but also develops something specific the "Handle of Excellence"...




OTLAV is a highly competitive Italian company which produces hinges for internal doors, windows and other accessories for windows industry. Otlav ensures high quality standards and its wide range of products is sold in many countries all over the world with the best adjustable hinges solutions on the market for internal doors and timber windows.

OTLAV has 71 year history in hinges industry and is one of the biggest privately owned fully automatic product lines in Italy.

Everything you need to produce internal timber doors, windows or furniture is available from Otlav hinges range.