Otlav Hinges In Australia - First Step To The Hinges Revolution!

Otlav hinges can only be purchased in Australia from Qualital.

For more than 50 years OTLAV has specialized only in door and window hinges. The spirit of initiative and an unceasing quest for increasingly innovative technologies have made OTLAV the the world's most important manufacturer of door and window hinges of the screw-stem type.

OTLAV hinges come pre-mounted on comfortable loaders allowing to insert them quickly and accurately on automatic hinge mounting machines.

The Great Technical Innovation:

  • The hinge's female element pivots around a hardened steel ball-bearing, fitted by means of a hermetic seal in the hollow male element.
  • The highly positive and anti-friction effect is obtained thanks to the steel ball-bearing of the SFERAL hinge.

Why has OTLAV invented SFERAL?


  1. High reduction of friction by means of the ball bearing during the door and window opening and closing.
  2. The maximum seal has finally been obtained on the welding of the pin to the body even with a male element.
    With a traditional male element, the welding is never even because a pin's mass is considerably smaller than that of the male's body. Welds on the female part are generally always more resistant than a male weld as the female's body is hollow and has a mass which is practically equivalent to that of the pin.
    Now with the new SFERAL hollow males an electric projection weld joins two almost equal masses thus obtaining a weld which is as perfect as that of females.
  3. The ball-bearing seals the hinge hermetically; consequently there is no air within the hinge and the lack of oxygen make rusting processes impossible.
    Furthermore, for technical reasons and production needs the hinge technology employed for the manufacture of SFERAL, holds 2 or 3 drops of oil within the male. This oil becomes slowly solid and becomes grease which covers the whole interior.
  4. SFERAL is provided with the traditional guarantee and reliability of OTLAV products, even though this hinge's highest guarantee and success are given by its customers. Europe's leaders in the production of doors and windows have all adopted SFERAL.

The great convenience of OTLAV CONICAL SAW TOOTH PIN

OTLAV holds international patent nr. 128435 concerning the manufacture of a special pin for door and window hinges.



  1. Easier fitting into wood and PVC, because gradual. It does not chip in wood because it adheres in a gradual and smooth way. It forms no burrs in PVC because the conical pin draws the plastic fibres within the frame.
  2. Created for automatic machines for hinge mounting. The small cone tip enables a perfect centering of the hole; the following rotation enables to fit it in precisely and gradually
Otlav Conical Saw Tooth Pin


  1. The special creation of a thread employed only for OTLAV hinges, enables its utmost hold with any kind of wood, making the pin's fitting easier and avoiding the extraction

    Extraction holds of the OTLAV saw tooth pin:

    • MOABI wood Kg. 788
    • MERANTI wood Kg. 626
    • PINE wood Kg. 345
    • LARCH wood Kg. 820
    • WALNUT wood Kg. 940


  1. These hinges are being used in 84 countries
  2. The hinges are available in a wide range of finishings
  3. The threaded anti-pull pin, which is patented as "Saw tooth"
  4. A perfect 3-d adjustment
  5. Wide range of caps in different configuration
  6. Assembling time is greatly reduced and close to zero with special tools
  7. Suitable for All type of doors and windows
  8. Extremely low cost
  9. Long life for All SFERAL Hinges
  10. Different diameter for weight up to 150 kg per door panel
  11. Interchangeability
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