Self Closing Hinges

Research and development of hinges for avant-garde doors and windows has always characterized OTLAV products.

The latest 488 self closing hinge was developed and tested with EXACTA technology.

Why OTLAV Self Closing Hinges?

  • Dramatically reduce the cost
  • Fire-rated
  • A perfect 3-d adjustments
  • Luxury with wide range of caps in different configuration
  • Assembling time is greatly reduced and close to zero with special tools
  • Suitable for All type of timber doors and windows
  • Long life for All SFERAL Hinges
  • Sturdiness - perfect working with doors up to 120 kg

Other Advantages

  1. Adjustability - The door can be easily adjusted, once fitted, in the 3 directions, and by one worker.
  2. Low cost - Competitive price and drastic reduction of fitting and installation costs.
    Complete abatement of the door-closer cost and its installation.
  3. Luxury - World top design of door hinges und a complete range of elegant and precious caps in brass, Aluminium or nylon, in the typical Italian style.
  4. Fire-Safe - The Self-Closing hinge, by keeping the door always closed, assures the standards that provide the door resistance to fire and smoke (European Fire Rating Standard of 60 minutes).
  5. Sturdiness - The Self-closing hinge grants the perfect working of shutters with a weigh up to 120 kg. It must be coupled with two or more Exacta hinges.
Want To Find Out More?

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