Aluminium-Timber Windows

Qualital's aluminium-timber windows are absolutely innovative product for Australia.

It has been designed and manufactured in Italy specifically for Australian conditions and is the first such profile on the Australian market.

We also can assure you that our double glazed windows and doors can be made to order in any size, colour and opening configuration with flyscreens integrated blinds, architectural mouldings, architraves and other accessories.

Why composite windows are the best solution for your home?

1. Reliability

Aluminium and timber are never in direct contact. This is extremely important because materials have a different temperature expansion and contraction rate.

2. Energy Efficiency

Window profile is made of advanced thermo multi-camera aluminium extrusion. All parts of this profile are insulated with weather resistant rubber seals and all moving parts have precision connections.

3. Security

All aluminium-timber windows are made only with the most technologically advanced security fittings and locks by MACO - a leading European manufacturer from Austria. MACO security systems are well known as a top rate product and are recognized all around the world.

4. Longevity

For Australian construction specifics, where the majority of projects are built in close proximity to the coastal line, the issue of corrosion and weathering is very important. Here again - aluminium is more reliable than timber for outside surface.

5. Creativity

Aluminium can be coated in ANY colour by RAL or in 40 different timber look-alike finishes. It means you can choose the exact look you want for your home exterior as traditional powder coated and anodised colour range or more exotic aluminium look like a timber profiles. The spectacular wood grain finish on aluminium that never needs repainting.

6. Comfort

Superbly finished solid timber panels can be made from 10 different standard types of wood and face the inside the house creating a warm and comfortable interior.

7. Finished Product

Qualital aluminium-timber windows come as a completely finished product ready for immediate installation. They do not require painting or staining or any additional work apart from the easy installation process. Just install and enjoy.

Qualital aluminium-timber windows and doors are certified and strictly comply with Australian and European Standards and include certification for:

  1. Thermal insulation
  2. Water seals
  3. Wind and noise resistance
  4. High security locking systems
  5. Advanced windows fittings
  6. Special draining systems

Features & Benefits

Main outside frame is made of high quality aluminium which is tougher and has a longer life than timber. Inside frame for decoration purpose is made from natural timber as American Oak and Ashwood.

Thermal brake insulated clips are installed between aluminium and aluminium-timber frames to create high energy efficiency.

Aluminium-Timber Windows

  1. External Aluminium frame
  2. Internal solid wood frame
  3. Second thermally broken clips for aluminium-timber connection
  4. Gaskets for thermal, water and acoustic performance
  5. Aluminium glazing beads
  6. Nylon connector for timber glazing bead cover
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