Aluminium Retractable Fly Screens

Are you having problems with mosquitoes and unable to sleep well?

We provide outstanding insect screening solutions for all windows and doors supplied. Thanks to their unique design technology, our insect nets are suitable for all types of windows. They fit every style of window and their functionality is unparalleled to other products on the market.

Fly screens come in a variety of colours and sizes to fit any door or window. All our made-to-measure Fly Screens are custom made to your specific requirements, using the finest materials. They are modern, low maintenance and high performance products which are appealing to the eye.

Aluminium is a superior material to standard screen frames and available in any colour. The mesh is made from woven fibreglass coated with PVC. It will not shrink or distort throughout its long life. The mesh does not block ventilation and is developed to be so fine - its transparent, while remaining efficient enough to exclude all flying insects.

The mesh is held stretched in the aluminium frame profiles with a gasket. This enables the mesh to be very quickly and easily replaced if damaged. With Roll-Up and Roll-Aside screens the guiding channels are fitted with brush seals or bar magnets which retain the edges of the mesh and prevent insects from entering.

Want To Find Out More About Our Fly Screens?

For more information about Qualital's range of fly screens, please call us on 03 9315 2715 or .

For manufacturers we offer self-assembly systems to start production of new European style Fly Screens in Australia.

Fly Screen Models

  1. Self-assembly
  2. Frame Fitted
  3. Spring loaded roller
  4. Fixed and sliding doors


  1. Classical roller Roll- Up (from the top)
  2. Side winding roller
  3. Sliding Roll-Aside (from the side)


  1. You can roll out the fly screen when needed and then roll it away
  2. Can be made in any RAL colour to match existing door/window work
  3. Designed to fit a lot of types of windows and doors, especially French doors and Sliding doors.
  4. Extremely low prices


  1. openings Height is up to 2500mm
  2. openings Width is up to 2800mm