Hinges For Timber & PVC Doors

Why OTLAV Hinges?

  • These hinges are being used in 84 countries
  • The hinges are available in a wide range of finishings
  • The threaded anti-pull pin, which is patented as "Saw tooth"
  • A perfect 3-d adjustment
  • Wide range of caps in different configurations
  • Assembling time is greatly reduced and close to zero with special tools
  • Suitable for All type of timber doors and windows
  • Extremely low cost
  • Long life for All SFERAL Hinges
  • Different diameter for weight up to 150 kg per door panel
  • Interchangeability

Types of hinges

  • two screw pins
  • three screw pins
  • four screw pins

Special models

  • 055 and 057 - interchangeable
  • TRIANT 057 adjustable solution for a third shutter
  • 057 EXACTA 2 - three adjustment points
  • 060 AETERNA - parts with anticorrosion resin
  • 300 - no more right and left specification for the door
  • 320 - adjustable three pin hinge with anti-burglar version
  • 355 - stainless steel with nylon pivot
  • 488 - self closing hinge for automatic closing doors
  • 495 EXACTA - three adjustment points
  • 495 URSUS - for massive and heavy doors
  • 499 ALMAX -adjustable lifting up to 5 mm hinge
  • S98 - semi-disappearing adjustable hinge
  • SEMAFORO -Locking hinge for 8° for windows without tilt function
  • 482 BIXACTA- for heavy timber doors

A few more important technical details

  • Stainless steel hinges represent a guarantee of inalterability in time and functionality thanks to the self-lubricating Nylon pivot.
  • 488 the self-closing hinge with a core made out of highly-resistant steel, which realizes the closing moment.
  • The universal rod jigs are customized according to the kind of frame, to the type of hinge to be fitted, to the position and angle of pins as to the door or frame.
  • It is possible to adjust the height of the pivot, therefore raising the female part.
  • The weight of the door is evenly distributed over all the door-frame hinges thanks to the great sensitivity of the height adjusting device.
  • The wide self threading pitch means that assembling time is greatly reduced, as well as obtaining an excellent grip on all types of timber. The adjustment pins are made out of special high resistance steel, the finishing is yellow galvanized so that it resists well against any atmospheric or chemical agents.
  • The rotation between the hardened steel bearing and the spherical cap of the carbon-nitrated pivot does not create any friction between the two parts, guaranteeing unlimited life with the passing of time.
  • Furthermore, in the versions where a nylon bush is inserted into female hole, the pivot is protected from side wear with a smoother action, especially in case where the doors are of a considerable weight.
  • By acting on the threaded pin it is possible to quickly fit the female part to the door using the appropriate hexagonal bit for the electrical drill and then make the side precision adjustment.

Interchangeability Advantages For Models 055 & 057

  • Convenience of OTLAV solutions: change your hinges when you want, even after installation.

  • Interchangeability: the male and female parts are completely interchangeable with each other. You can invent the best solutions, adapting them to the most disparate situations.

  • Reduced Costs: this is the most economical registration and it is integrated with a normal hinge. Stock reduced to zero!

  • Appearance: you can cover the hinges with an infinite selection of caps from the OTLAV indifferently assembled on both models 055 and 057.

Two hinges - four configurations

  1. 055 "Sferal"
    Only allows side-ways adjustment of the door and frame when the door is disassembled.
  2. 055+057 male part adjustable
    With the door is assembled it allows side-ways adjustment, the male part can be assembled on the door or on the frame.
  3. 057 "Exacta 2"
    With the door assembled it always allows adjustment in height and side-ways adjustment according to the assembly of the male part on the door or on the frame.
  4. 057 female part adjustable +055
    Only possible to carry out vertical adjustment with the door assembled.

Model 499 Ø16

A special version which is able to raise the door by up to 5mm when opened by more than 90 degrees. This is possible thanks to a particular sliding action between the male and female parts.

Special Models for Stainless Steel

  1. 320 stainless adjustable three pin hinge with anti-burglar version
  2. 355 - stainless steel with nylon pivot
  3. 495 EXACTA INOX - three adjustment points
  4. 495 EXACTA METALL - three adjustment points
  5. P50 Stainless with fixing plate
Want To Find Out More?

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