Door Handles & Window Handles

When we think about fittings for our windows and doors - we are primarily focused on the types of external functionality related items that can make a system work. When you first look at a door - the handle is what first catches your eye (instead of what we have inside - locks, knobs, and hinges etc.), because a beautifully crafted handle is aesthetically pleasing to look at. Internal handles are the finishing touches that can help make your home look modern and well-designed.

Qualital has a fantastic selection of internal and external handles for windows and doors in different finishes to match any budget and architectural design. All handles made by MACO Austria and HOPPE Switzerland - the leading handles manufactures and well renowned all around the world.

Both companies undertake numerous tests to ensure that your handles operate perfectly under all situations. Static load tests and durability tests are also conducted, depending on the type of product. All Qualital handles will come with the 10-years operational warrantee.

Why Qualital Handles?

Handles for all types of materials

  • Timber windows
  • Aluminium windows
  • PVC windows
  • Aluminium-timber and timber-aluminium windows

Different models, stile, configurations

  • Rhapsody - architectural line
  • Harmony - square line
  • Symphony - round line
  • SKB Sliding door and window system
  • Z - small handles for balcony doors and retro style handles
  • Tentazione - fully concealed architectural handle

Functional Handles

  • Intelligent security With key or button opening
  • Simple and easy to use and install
  • "Step by step fixing" or Fix opening at 45°
  • Internal and External use

Long life, beautiful security design and style

  • Smooth and quiet closing action
  • Low maintenance
  • Different Solutions and design for door and window configuration
  • Up to 8 different colours ( White, bronze, Champagne, Titan, Silver, Broun, Chrome, Gold)
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