Double Glazed Windows

"One of the ways people can meet the 5 Star standard is to install double glazing - which boosts energy efficiency by keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter."
John Thwaites, Former Environment Minister, VIC

At Qualital, you will find a wide range of fully finished and ready to be installed double glazed windows and doors from Italy that can be made to order in any size, colour and configuration.

All our products are certified and strictly comply with Australian Standards for thermal insulation, water seals, wind and noise resistance.

Whether you're trying to heat your home for half of the year in Adelaide or Melbourne, living with a moderate climate in Sydney or Perth, or struggling with the heat in Brisbane or Darwin, our double-glazed windows will solve your problems.

What are Your Benefits?

1. Thermal performance & maximum insulating efficiency

Double glazing will reduce the loss of heat from the home in winter and with convection heating system you have double glazing will prevent heat loss from the house. In summer, double glazing will stop heat from entering the home and help to reduce the amount of radiated heat gain. You will save a significant amount on your heating or cooling energy bills. Insulated Glass Units are manufactured with glass in range of thickness from 4 mm to 10 mm or more in special applications. Lower thermal conductivity gas such as argon is often used for some application as improvement of thermal performance.

2. Acoustical performance

Double glazed windows and doors are also perfect for reducing the large amount of noise that enters your home. This is great if you live on a busy street, near airport or freeway or just want more peaceful and quiet atmosphere in your home. A large air space between two panes of glass improves the noise insulation quality or sound transmission. Asymmetric double glazing using different thicknesses of glass rather than equal glass thicknesses used for both panes will improve the acoustic performance as well.

3. High security with laminated glass

Laminated glass is not just a safety glass it is an ideal glass for preventing forced entry into your home. If the glass breaks, interlayer of laminate will hold the glass together and prevents a person passing through the broken panel, thanks to the security. Tempered glass from 5 mm to 10 mm may also be used as part of the construction for safety.

4. Low maintenance

Double glazed windows have a long life expectancy which last from 10 to 25 years. Their maintenance is reduced to simple cleaning and does not consist of any further costs.

5. 6-year warranty

Qualital is participating member of Australian Windows Association Accreditation Program and provides at least 6 years warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.
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Why Double Glazing?

With increasing price rises for all types of energy there is only one right way of saving money on heating and cooling - insulated glazing and appropriate thermo-profile for windows and external doors.

If you want to live in an energy efficient house with a quiet and peaceful environment, then double-glazed units are critical part of the solution.

Save $$$ on Your Electricity Bills

The picture below is a scan of a real bill showing a huge 45.5% saving on electricity after double glazed windows have been installed.

45.5% saving on electricity after double glazed windows have been installed

Up to 49 per cent of heat can be lost and up to 87 per cent of solar heat gain can occur through non-energy-efficient windows.
Energy-efficient windows can effectively plug the weak points in the building insulation.
Source: The Age