Photovoltaic Curtain Wall Facade System

Photovoltaic systems are part of the evolution program of the Poliedra 50 system for the building industry and enable to plan curtain walls to meet the most demanding engineers', builders' and final consumers' requirements, aiming at optimizing the energetic, architectural and environmental features of the aluminium-photovoltaic integrated system.

The system is based on the photovoltaic process turning the sun radiation into electric energy.

Thanks to its features Poliedra 50 Photovoltaic system can be used in all building situations, both existing and still in project, perfectly integrating in any environmental setting.

The Poliedra 50 Photovoltaic system is a clean energy source with the lowest environmental impact, as its use does not generate any kind of emission, neither polluting nor acoustic.

All this, combined with the ease of use, the modularity and the reduced maintenance work, results in photovoltaic systems which are among the most complex and efficient available nowadays on the market.


The panels are made up of silicium cells with a size of 125x125x0.35 mm.

They are series or parallel connected, according to the power required. An output of 120 watts can be reached with a single panel.The cells used for the panels can be:

  • Mono crystalline with a 14,5% average efficiency.
  • Multi crystalline with a 12% average efficiency.

The panel finishings are in bright blue, green, black or ochre.

Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy is by now a reality even for families, apartment buildings, the small and medium companies all around the world. This is the future for Australia with its enormous sun activity.

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