Outward Opening Fittings

ESPAGS for Awning and Casement Windows

Outward opening top-hung Awning and side-hung Casement windows with cranked or inline handles are a traditional and thus the most popular choice for the Australasian market. They are perfect for any home - due to their frequent use of traditional fixed fly screens, flexibility in a wide range of curtain configurations and reliable functionality, essential to any household.

With Qualital's outward opening fittings made by MACO (Austria) the window can be conveniently and securely opened and closed. Innovative Espagnolette technology firmly shuts your windows, which enables automatic compression when they close - providing better insulation and protection from external sources.

The MACO casement and awning ESPAGS systems are supplemented with an extensive range of locking solutions. Espagnolette fittings specially designed for outward opening windows with the high level of security - up to three locking points are possible.

The synchronised single or double-action mechanism used and all locking cams will move into the frame strikers in the same or opposite direction. The adjustable mushroom cams enable to make different frame compression.

Why MACO awning and casement Fittings?

  1. One type for all opening - just one range for awning or casement can be used
  2. Safe windows with central locking bolts, a combination of strikers and mushroom bolts
  3. Functional fittings which are easy to use for fast and efficient assembly
  4. Suitable for profiles with or without euro groove
  5. Corrosion resistance and high security

Characteristics and Unique Functions

Mushroom ESPAGS

  • Designed for profiles with or without euro groove
  • Fully adjustable mushroom locking bolts
  • Suitable for slimline profiles

R.A.I.L. ESPAGS (Reverse Action Inline)

  • Required without the need to fit a shoot bolt Espagnolette
  • Ideal for use with PVC, Timber and Aluminium profiles
  • Twin central adjustable mushroom bolts in a big range of sizes

MK1 and MASH II Shoot bolt

  • Designed for profiles with euro groove
  • Fast assembly with minimum components
  • Adjustable length shoot bolt throw
  • Interlocking bolts are used as hinge protectors and protect against forced entry
  • Extensions and strikers are used for French Casement windows
  • New Combo Strikers with corner installation significantly reduce assembly time
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