Timber-Veneer and Painted MDF Doors

Timber is a beautiful and a natural material which brings many benefits to your home. To achieve the best balance of stunning natural timber appearance and durable performance - the best solution for doors is to use a strong and stable core (engineered doors) with veneer. Our manufacturers pick out the best pieces of timber, which are then glued together to form a composite piece, which is finally overlaid with a veneer finish.

Timber-Veneer engineered doors are less likely to experience warping, shrinking, expansion, contraction and twisting. The reinforced composite engineering enables for a structurally sound finish which is both strong and elegant. This provides the dual benefit of improved life and less maintenance.

Veneered doors are more likely to be uniform in colour and texture providing an almost flawless appearance which achieves the highest levels of consistency in quality.

The MDF (medium density fibreboard) panel is Qualital's preferred material for painted door applications due to its advantages (smoother surface) over alternative materials. MDF is also an engineered wood product made from recycled and recovered wood fibre and more environmentally friendly, stable and durable than other solid wood doors you can find on the market. MDF Doors can be painted in any colour by RAL or finished in more than 32 different types of timber colours.

Qualital has a selection of over 100 models of timber-veneer doors and painted MDF doors organized in different series of entrance (front) doors and internal doors. The doors use a modular system with a reversible frame to adapt easily to all construction projects. Most of our models are available in various configurations.

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