Designed to increase the safety and security of all windows and doors, Qualital's restrictors made by MACO Austria are available in a collection of different opening configurations and design - suitable for any.

Following an alarming number of accidents involving people, including children, falling out of windows in the past couple of years - the Australian Government have issued warnings to window manufacturers to produce higher quality safety products.

Child care facilities and homeowners alike are now wary of the risks involving unsecured windows and balcony doors - therefore we have made it our goal to provide top quality restrictors to ensure history doesn't repeat itself.

We assess each situation individually and adapt a tailored solution for you.

Why use our Door & Window Restrictors?

Restrictors for all types of materials

  • Timber
  • Aluminium
  • PVC
  • Aluminium-timber and timber-Aluminium windows

Different Models

Laminated Restrictors

The MACO Laminated Restrictor has been designed to comply with the requirements that were deemed necessary (i.e., bedrooms with small children/babies). A restrictor must be fitted - that is released by a coordinated two handed operation. No keys or tools should be required to release the restrictor.

Automatic Restrictors

The Auto latch Casement restrictor restricts fully opening windows by means of a hook and pin operation, its automatic feature can be released by closing the window to approximately 20mm opening allowing the window to be fully opened. When the window is then closed, the hook re-engages, ready for the next time.

Multi vent

The Multi Vent Tilt Restrictor comes with adjustable friction - with use of an Allen key. Use the key to lock and unlock the Multi Vent Restrictor. Spacer bars available in 5 or 15 degree for angled sashes in white and brown colours.

Tech 100 Stay

The Maco Tech 100 Stay provides a break-stay and 90 degree restrictors for doors. Its unique end snapper helps hold the door open. Available in silver, chromate or stainless steel arm and suitable for PVC, aluminium and timber doors - it is suitable for all euro grooved profile systems. Also fitted with an adjustable friction device - it's fast, simple to fit, and has multiple screw ports and a universal striker plate.

Turn Restrictors

Turn restrictor operates in Tilt mode only unless manually opened with the finger pull release. Engages and automatically locks when the window is closed. Offers increased security by being located outside the window with the key option.

Long life, beautiful security design and style

  • Smooth and quiet closing action
  • Low maintenance
  • Different Solutions and design
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