Cavity Sliding Doors

Qualital Framing System is a collection of different cavity sliding door units for external and internal walls. Cavity door systems are an important step in the evolution of standard hinged and swinging doors.

We perfectly understand the importance of living space and have unique cavity systems that accommodate doors within any wall cavity, resulting in extra space for passage, furniture or easier door access.

Qualital cavity sliding system is the only product that can absorb the expansion caused when different materials like cement and galvanized steel sheet are combined together, and ensures maximum performance from the product. Additionally, we offer an extensive range of cavity sliding units for windows with external insulation.

The components of the cavity slider are made in galvanized sheet steel covered with Aluzinc - a special alloy of aluminium, zinc and silicon, which allows Qualital to guarantee its products to have 12 years against degradation and corrosion.

The sliding system, consisting of an anodised aluminium track and a pair of rollers with 2 or 4 wheels mounted on bearings, capable of carrying a maximum load of 80-120 kg per door, ensures easy sliding and maximum functionality.

An upright wood bar is available and makes it easy to fit any door post safety and with great simplicity. Cavity sliding door frames are available for brickwork and plasterboard walls, and also in non-standard sizes.

Features & Benefits

  1. Qualital has a "Slim Line" cavity sliding door system which does not use architraves and jambs to cover up the rough edges. Its designed interior structure supports a sleek external profile which fits perfectly with a modern, minimalist approach to contemporary interiors. The system is very strong with minimal flexing - thanks to our special corner profiles which come right up to the edge of the door - you will have no problem with cracked plasterwork or different paint finishes. This helps complete the look you have always desired. Also door can be removed at any time without damaging the wall.
  2. Qualital can provide its customers with a device that makes it possible to automatically open and close any sliding door. This device is easy to fit into any design - even in the case if sliding doors have been previously installed. The compact motor unit is fixed to the track at the top of the frame which is totally concealed, leaving the external appearance of the door unchanged.

Qualital door frames are guaranteed for 12 years, and their quality is guaranteed by European UNI ENI ISO 9001 Ed. 2000 certification.

Want to know more?

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