Door Locks

Unfortunately we live in progressively insecure time. Finding a balance between having an appealing entry or balcony and feeling safe are equally important, whether in your own home, at work or in public buildings. This is why investing in high quality security Qualital door locks will give you the best confidence that your doors will not only look good, but that they will provide you with the highest level of defence against forced entry for years to come.

Qualital's comprehensive security door locks made by MACO Austria produce a particularly extensive range of products. Qualital supplies contemporary locking systems of all types, from reliable mortise single door locks to multi-point locking system. MACO's experience and innovation allows Qualital customers to combine maximum product quality with supreme efficiency for any project.

Our multi-point locks come in different sizes and offer the ideal result for every entrance area, while still provide key advantages for windows and doors fabricators, warehousing and montage teams. Thanks to innovative solutions, modern technology and standardised routing and fixing - your homes have never been safer.

All MACO door locks have a Silver surface finish, which gives a minimum 360 hours corrosion resistance and 10 years warranty. Revolutionary TRICOAT surface coating can be applied for a higher performance with 15 years warranty.

Standard configurations

  1. Door lock operated by handle (G-TS)
  2. Door lock operated by cylinder (Z-TS)
  3. Balcony Door lock ( B-TV)
  4. Automatic door lock (Z-TA)

Features and Benefits

High security and functional fittings

  • Intelligent security Up to 7-point locking
  • Simple and easy to use and install
  • Various Lock styles (I.S. Cam, Finger bolt, Hook Bolt)
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Ease to adjust
  • Huge range of additional security components

Long life, beautiful security design and style

  • Smooth and quiet closing action
  • Corrosion and scratching protection and new generation of burglar-proof fittings
  • Revolutionary TRICOAT components
  • Low maintenance
  • Different colours and configurations of handles and lock covers
  • Different Solutions and design for door configuration
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